The "Black Hole" was created in response to our art work being removed from a show in Frisco Texas we were asked if we had any other work that was more sellable and less political and sexual in its nature we chose to remove all the work and not replace it it is in this moment that the idea was born to create a website that included the images from the show in a manner in which they were seen at the venue they were not up for long so they are still unviewable by the public on the website the images flash across the screen purposefully unviewable as to mimic their short term on the venues walls before being censored the rest of the "Black Hole" was created during that time period of the shows scheduled dates of display it was important to the members of Beskoniste' to make work during that time period and not make any concessions to its content the formal aspect of the web site the design of the web site was made to seem as it is an ERROR broken link and page Sigmar Polke has been exploring mistakes made in the process of printing mass produced magazines like newspapers he would take those error pages and or images enlarge them and then paint them gORAN aka Outlandish Bosnian applied similar concept of reasoning while making the hard coding of the web page everyone who browse the Internet knows what a frustration it can be when a broken link is accessed the whole formal part of the web site is utilizing “the mistake” as the main theme of the web design