BESKONISTe' is an art group that promotes the concept of how
the imagination is an infinite pool of ideas which are drawn from
in a random manner, implying that, according to BESKONISTe',
it is the impulsive, creative process, called RANDOM EVENT,
to be the one of the major moving forces in creation of life and art, as well.
("beskonism" derived from term "BESKONISTE;"
- BESKON, a part of a Serbo-Croatian word,

Nothing is ever permanent until you make it.

  • .....Where should an answer be found for any question that artists have been asking? In what way or terms should those questions and answers be further delivered, and shared with the willing and unwilling individuals who encounter a close contact with the questions being posed through the art?
  • .....The letters spreading over this page carry information of abstract ideas that exist in such a form of an immaterial congestion; that we canít grasp it with our hands, but our eyes have been used as the basket for gathering and delivering these signs straight into the brain where the curvatures of lines of different shapes are being translated into meaningful ideas. Further more, those meaningful ideas flow out of someoneís head for the sake to be communicated, through asking, answering, enjoying or ignoring comments with a human being.
    .....Not only letters as those which have been delivered toward our perception straight from a flat surface of a 2D spaced paper; different imageries made out of more or less complex combinations of curvatures have been used to communicate ideas ever since homo sapiens understood means of communication, verbal or visual thousands of years ago.
  • .....It is not considered a problem to transport letters as signs to the brain, but encoding of these signs requires a predisposition Ė (i.e. knowledge) to recognize and understand them. Through this recognition we impose our own thoughts and concepts of what we are seeing, therefore heading to an infinite understanding of what was originally intended; an alteration of consciousness and self-awareness through oneís own perception of what the brain now chooses to see or ignore form its ever altering files of truth.
  • .....For any imagery that we encounter in our everyday life there is a memory stored in our brain that will carry that image as a piece of data. Later, if we encounter a similar object, i.e. a known word or letter, we will look for a reference in those data files that have already been placed into our memories. But with all those people who havenít encountered in their life experience anything similar, there will be serious problem and or confusion, for they donít have reference of any type in their existing memories.
  • .....BESKONISTe' is trying to make an ad hoc over those predisposed references that could be easily intentional or unintentional in there use for division or separation amongst people. Prints, etchings, intaglios, relieves, drawings and digital imagery have been shaped and chewed with experiences that have colored our everyday lives. Knowledge has taught us that in order to speak to people from anywhere around the world we speak to them through imagery, shapes and lines that in most cases donít resemble the references carried through the bias of our cultural embodiment. The inertia of our natural instincts is the one to force out our lines, decisions and decision making, therefore freeing ourselves of the imagery of a contemporary significance, for they are just of a temporary meaning. It doesnít mean that they should be rejected as an invalid means of communication, but in this case they are of no significance or importance to our goal, resemblance of an impunity call, naives of animalistic drive for self-revelation, honest communication with our surroundings.
  • .....With childish curiosity we're approaching to art and life for the sake of understanding that which drives us towards separation and unification of ourselves as a species which struggles to survive together and comprehend the troubles and triumphs of a rain drenched kiss from the sky, or a walk in the clouds.
  • .....We want to be poets through our art trying to reach the end of infinity. The end of Infinity is where physics spin into metaphysics - PARADOX per se - giving wide open door to our imagination to extend itself, for it is there, at the pool of imaginations where our ideas were born. In some instances paradox is the only way to conclude a question into the answer. Also, it is stretching our imagination, for as mentioned above, imagination is the pool of ideas, and ideas are our hidden metaphysical engines that carve the lives of the group of primates known as Homo sapiens sapiens into shapes never even imagined just 100 years ago; not to mention our history throughout hundreds of thousands of years of a constant development what, at the end, brought us where we are now. Unfortunately, there have been some extremely dangerous drawbacks occurring. One of the most problematic has been, alienation.
  • .....BESKONISTe' tries to reach primordial way of organizing, without todayís sickening alienation experienced on any level of human interaction with itself or its surroundings.
  • .....Homo sapiens sapiens, in early days of its development has been known as social being, gathering into groups that gradually evolved into larger groups, societies, becoming tribes and moving slowly into artificially created groups, today known as nations. Nations, at the beginning and then, later on, through nation-states, have been one of the main reasons for hostile relationships practiced among large groups of Homo sapiens sapiens. Through further evolution of these societies and especially relations among these societies, the modern Homo sapiens sapiens moved into the modern era of life known as Post Industrial Era, the one in which the interaction among humans is characterized by alienation of this creature from its own being. This behavior and practice of alienation among people found its best parallel in Art practice, in relations, rather said, alienations among artist with its culmination in Modernism. BESKONISTeí, by its own nature, as being an art group, is trying to brake through this MATHRIX of blindness trying to involve as many people as possible in a form of art practice and the execution of art better known as collaboration. It means that different artists, different natures and instincts get involved in collaborative execution for a mutual goal, creation of a successful work of art, while at the same time through collaboration they learn to live with each other, accepting differences as "diversity of possibilities" rather than "possibilities of conflict."
  • .....BESKONISTe' through its art, wants to be a metaphysical engine of such a sort that entails collaboration as a mean of coexistence. Hopefully through our art we will be stretching our ideas further away into messages to be perceived and grasped by whoever find them to be to grasp.
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